Autumn Weekends

The days are getting shorter and colder and Fajr is getting later. Autumn is upon us. It’s a beautiful time of the year because we get to collect leaves and seeds and bring them home to play with. Allah says in the Quran: (و ما تسقط من ورقة إلا يعلمها) “And not a leaf falls but that He knows it”. Imagine that Allah knows about every single fallen leaf in the world. Try and picture it. I’ve read this verse countless times, but to actually see the falling autumn leaves in light of this verse is beyond comprehension.We wanted to take the children out of the city to see autumn in all its glory and appreciate this season Allah has given us, so we traipsed to the woods last Sunday with a picnic and three ducklings in tow.

We found a stream that flows down from the mountain.

The walk was uphill but there was plenty to keep the children engaged. We picked all the pine cones and colourful leaves. We actually brought this big branch home.

Uthman found a den and wondered if an animal lives there. This was his favourite part.

We then found a comfortable bench overlooking the stream and sat down for a picnic of sandwiches, fruit, and biscuits.

As we weren’t quite ready to go back home yet we went on the mountain drive uphill from the woods.

And were treated to the most special views.

“So blessed is Allah, the best of all creators.” The Quran (6:59).