About Khadijah

My Qualifications and Experience

I am Khadija Ashworth, a British living in Ireland, holding a certificate from the University of Cambridge in Child Brain Learning and Memory.
I've been able to help mothers around the world assist their children in reaching their potential, by the grace of God, at every stage of their learning.
During my upbringing in Riyadh, my mother who qualified as an early age educator, taught me the early childhood education. Her teaching served as a source from which I learned how to educate a young child, invest in their early years, and preserve their nature. None of us attended preschool at all; my mother ensured that she personally taught us the fundamental knowledge from birth, nurtured our sense of creativity and innovation present in a child since birth. After we joined school, she continued to educate us at home with knowledge surpassing that offered by all educational systems combined.
From my mother, I learned how to raise a child who finds pleasure in discovering the magnificent world created by God for them. A child who loves knowledge and exploration, who never hesitates to ask questions, a child who wants to engage in beneficial pursuits, a child who, with the permission of God, elevates the status of their nation.

Some more info about me

After growing up, I studied law at the Islamic University in Malaysia to help Muslim women around the world. I trained in Britain and worked as a lawyer for a period of time, although I found a gap in the professional legal work.
However, after the birth of Uthman and my time spent with him, as I began to educate him, I found the missing piece I had been searching for and felt a joy in teaching and raising Uthman, then Aalia, and then Dania.
I read a lot and learned much about the skilled young exploring child and how they learn. Then, I started sharing my journey in educating my children on Instagram.
Due to the numerous questions I received about child education, I wrote a guide titled "What to Teach My Child and How to Begin?" It gained unexpected acceptance, by the grace and guidance of God, and I continue to receive hundreds of messages about the impact of this guide on readers' families and their experiences in teaching their children.
These responses I received after publishing the guide are what fueled my determination to assist as many mothers and parents as possible, because the immense mental growth that occurs in a child's early years will not come again. Despite my busy schedule, I ventured into the field of consulting to personally help mothers in educating their children.
I ask Allah to make us blessed wherever we are.