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What to teach my child and how do I begin?​

Guide for Teaching Children from Birth to Compulsory School Age

The topics covered in the guide.

How can I enhance my child's creative abilities?

The guide directs you towards the methods that develop a child's creative abilities and their desire for innovation. Creativity and innovation are two fundamental pillars for building a virtuous individual, a thoughtful and innovative thinker who serves their religion and their nation.

How do I introduce mathematics to my young child?

This guide helps you present numerical skills to your child, starting from the number 1 through systematic play with your child, all the way to reaching advanced stages of mathematical abilities.


How do I teach my child early reading in English?

The guide assists you step by step in teaching your young child early reading in English, starting from introducing letters all the way to enabling your child to read fluently. This is achieved through an easy method that takes only a few minutes daily.

Early Education: Why? and How?

The guide presents to the reader the methodology of early education, its methods, reasons, and the approaches that lead to achieving it, in an easy and comprehensible manner understood by beginners in this path and beneficial to those already proficient in it.

You can read the first chapter of the guide before purchasing to gauge its effectiveness in your home.

About Khadijah

Hello and welcome!
I am Khadija Ashworth, a British living in Ireland, holding a certificate from the University of Cambridge in Child Brain Learning and Memory. By the grace of God I empower mothers around the world to assist their children in reaching their potential, in all stages of their learning.

What do other mothers say about the book

I have always believed that my friend Khadija would achieve something remarkable. I didn't know what it would be, but I was confident it would be exceptional. Wherever she went, she blossomed and dazzled. From my personal knowledge of her, I am certain that her mother's upbringing was the reason for shaping her unique personality. I knew Khadija the student, the employee, the lawyer, and she shone every time. However, Khadija the mother exceeded my expectations and changed many concepts for me. I highly recommend this book alongside the essentials for newborns. Developing a child's mind and understanding their level of perception is important, along with taking care of their safety, food, and drink. This is a remarkable book; I wish I had read it years ago. Thank you, my friend, for your time and effort in producing this book. Your tremendous effort, may God reward you for it.
Arwa Al Omrani
In the guide, I found smoothness in the explanations, simplicity in the language, clarity in the vision, a gradual approach in comprehension, and a steadfast commitment to the principle. I have known the author previously as someone who exerts great efforts in educating children, both before and after experiencing motherhood. This was clearly reflected in the concise yet comprehensive guide, which demands dedication and perseverance. She began by teaching the Quran, and her dedication to explaining it was evident as she left no effort spared, covering most of what a beginner needs to know to help her children memorize the Quran. She then commendably embarked on various subjects one after the other, with concise and clear details. I thank the author for the additional touches that transformed her writing into a clear mental image, aided by the well-structured table, which felt like the missing piece in many educational articles and books.
Sabreen Al Agbari

This guide offers you a qualitative leap in educating your children.